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Immigration Legal Advice & Representation - Crime Victims Asylum Seekers Family Requests

We represent victims of crimes and domestic violence, asylum-seekers, and petitioners & recipients of family-based immigration requests.

Representamos a víctimas de crímenes y violencia doméstica, a solicitantes de asilo, y a peticionarios & beneficiarios de solicitudes migratorias basadas en vínculos familiares.

Lorena Perez McGill - Founder

360 degree Immigration Legal Solutions

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We only practice immigration law. Immigration is a complex area of US law; whatever your need may be, we will provide you with the legal representation you need, to navigate through it.

Nuestra práctica es exclusivamente inmigración, un área compleja del derecho estadounidense. Les proveemos la representación legal que usted precisa para navegar esta área del derecho estadounidense.

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Consider your next steps with the help of a skillful attorney. The journey ahead is not guaranteed, however, your most favorable outcome lies ahead with us. Arm yourself with the experience and insight of Perez McGill Law Firm. Here is our process:


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We are with you every step of the way. You will be informed of everything that is happening including paperwork significance, necessary appointments and more. 

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